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Dog Training:


Rhodes Countryside Kennel LLC a highly reputable dog business in the Kosciusko county area for 38 years. We offering dog training classes, private lessons and board & train services, group classes, in home training, personal coaching, schutzhund,executive protection services,and personal protection. Whether you are interested in attending classes and training your dog yourself  or need some help by having us start the process for you through our board and train  program, we have a program that will work for you.We offer  a variety of dog training including Beginning Obedience I Manners,Puppy Preschool, Fun with Agility and Confidence Building.


Board & Train Boot Camp (2 weeks minimum):


Don't have the time for a group class or private training?  


Our professional trained staff will provide a structured environment and intensive daily training

sessions. Our board & train program is designed to cover a wide variety of needs. Drop your dog off with us for in kennel training. The program is appropriate for dogs whose owner would like them to learn some basic behavior and manners.  A minimum of two weeks is required so that we are able to get to know your pet and start the basic training.  We offer different options so there is something that will work for everyone. Our facility offers positive reinforcement board and train so you will feel comfortable knowing that your dog is being trained and boarded by compassionate caring individuals who utilize positive reinforcement methods.  


In this lesson upon pick up, our trainer will show you what we accomplished during the dog's Boot Camp. We will show you what we used in our training sessions and teach you how to use the same methods and tools that we did so that you can remain consistent at home. This lesson enables you to learn all you need to know to continue training. Boot camp training is a great way to achieve "accelerated" learning.  


This program is not for dogs that have serious behavior issues such as aggression (dog or human), separation anxiety,extreme fear or phobias, house training or other issues where owner participation and home management is a critical part of a behavior modification program. However,we may be able to help you privately with these issues.


Behavior Consulting:


Dogs can have a wide variety of behavior issues. Some common issues are dominant aggressive dogs, fear aggressive dogs, human aggression, dog aggression, house training problems, phobias, separation anxiety and other more complicated issues.  We offer behavior consulting for pets and owners that are dealing with extreme issues that are effecting family members and the public. If you are struggling with a behavior that is overwhelming you and your family please contact us at 574:453-3872 or email us at to set up an appointment to review and consult on your pets issues. 



Special Training Services


  • Personal Protection

  • Police k9

  • Executive Protection Services Personal Coaching Schutzhund Training

  • Please feel free Call for more information 574-453-3872 or email at



Example of obedience for police dog training with food


Example of obedience for police dog with ball


Police dog training for bitework



Training Fees:


Bring soft treats that your dogs likes with you for any of the classes.  Hard treats take too much time to reward and move forward.  



  • Basic Obedience Private Class:  $75 per hour for one dog, second dog $45 extra and $18.75 for every 15 minutes thereafter

  • Advance Obedience Private Class: $75 per hr.  $18.75 for every 15 minutes thereafter

  • 1 hour In Home Training: $95 within 10 miles, $2.50 per mile after $22.25 every 15 minutes thereafter

  • Boarding & Training  In Kennel $95 per day (2 weeks minimum 1 hr. session)


  • Boarding & Training  In Our Home $125 per day (2 weeks minimum  1 hr. session)


  • Group Classes $375 (6 session 1 hour.)  M-6-7 pm 6 people or more 


  • Basic Obedience Private Package $325 (5 session 1 hour)


  • Advance Obedience Private Package $325 (5 session 1 hour)


  • Consultation:  $75 per hour, $18.75 for every 15 minutes thereafter

  • Specialized Training:  Please contact us for pricing at 574-453-3872 or



Training Application


Barb Eichman and Xack getting a tracking session with Randy

Capone taking a look down the center line of O.G. Landseite Schutzhund Club's Digger Field. Capone, SchH III, is owned and trained by Karmen Byrd.  Karmen has been coming and training with Randy Rhodes for 25 years.  

Hazel, the Cane Corso in for Board & Train Boot Camp


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